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Welcome, and thanks for registering.  Enjoy your free gift. Get ready to gain knowledge and have fun doing so.

You may print the information for the men in your life: son, husband, boyfriend, or email it to them.

First person arrives, gets a door prize.

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You may bring your sleeping bag or share a queen size bed with someone.  However, if you
prefer, you are free to go home each day and return at the appointed time.

Friday night
: Meal provided -- Hay Stacks
Sabbath Morning
: Almond milk provided -- Bring your favorite cereal

Potluck for Sabbath lunch. Will coordinate with everyone.

Chicken, fish, potatoes, rice, vegetables, desserts, juice, bread

Chip in for pizza on Saturday night or help make one.  Bring your favorite cheese, dough and
sauce will be supplied.

Items to bring

Personal Travel Items
A note pad
Your Business cards

See you on June 8th.