Jo-Val Inspirations
Volume 3 Issue 3
March  2016
Life Style
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Pot of Gold

Are you looking for your pot of
Gold?   But, no matter how
hard you try, you keep going
in circles?  This can be very

Where are you putting your
treasures?  Are you stashing
them in the bank, under your
mattress or in a safe?  
Perhaps you are storing them
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Sweet words and a gentle touch
School & College Corner

Educating For Eternity
What does God requires of you? - Click here

With Spring Break coming up, students are busy planning their get away.
However, student must
take care to plan for safety. Do not go off with
someone you do not know.  If you are underage
do not drink.  Do not take a
drink or food from someone you do not know or do not feel comfortable
about.  Trust your gut feelings, it is usually right.  Do not turn your back on
your drink and then pick it up, and drink it. Think wisely. Let trusted friends
and family members know where you are.

So, what kind of spring break will you take? There are many places to go.  
Choose wisely.
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Inspirational Newsletter
Spring will be here soon
Happy St. Patrick's Day
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Spring time is just around the corner.
Spring signifies new things.  Are you
planning a new business why not go a
head and start it in the Spring.  Ask God
for guidence and get going. Do you need
ideas and information about what kind of
business to start
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The Book of
Fascinating Facts

Grass in Ireland

Ireland is called "the
Emerald Isle" because
of the color of its grass.  
The grass is so green
because the limestone
beneath the country's
soil makes the grass
brighter green than in
most places.

page 226

St Patrick's Day in
Ireland is a national
holiday.  In the past it
was celebrated as a
religious holiday. It
became a public
holiday in 1903.  In the
United States, the first
celebration of St.
Patrick's Day in New
York City was in 1766.  
Today St. Patrick's Day
is celebrated by
Americans and Irish
and non-Irish.  Many
people wear the color
green to celebrate it.
H e a l t h   W a t c h
Cheese Cake Anyone?

Origin of Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most delicious dessert. It is smooth
and creamy.  It melts in your mouth.  There are a variety of
cheesecakes one could choose from. Many people are
enjoying raw foods, this includes --
raw cheesecake.  Try the
recipes below.  click on the recipes for raw cheesecakes.
In order to enjoy sex to the
fullest a woman’s frame of
mind must be emotionally
ready.  If her mind is not
ready, and she is feeling
fearful, depressed and sad,
there is usually no enjoyment.  
The mind set the stage to
carry out a successful sexual
experience.  The man.....  
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How come the waitress gets
15% and God only gets 10%
Peter finds his faith to be much
stronger in the winter.
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Live Foods Corner
Info and Recipe
Gluten Free Corner