Jo-Val Inspirations
Volume 2 Issue 10
October  2009
Life Style
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H e a l t h   W a t c h
Women business  and congregational leaders attend lots of meetings
and moves women to a new level of thinking, action and greatness.
She will level of success!

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Hope, comfort and Encouragement is the most complete guide to
information about Self Help on the Internet.

O that everyone might
realize that he is the
authority of his own
destiny!  Your happiness
for this life, and for the
future, immortal life lies
with yourself.  If you
choose, you may have
associates who, by their
influence, .....
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Sweet words and a gentle touch

Educating For Eternity
What does God requires of you? - Click here

One of the things that I told my children was, in order
to get good grades you must put God first.  All
wisdom comes from God.  He is the creator. He
knows all. Do not forget to read God's word even if it
is a verse in the Bible.  

Other good things are:
Always pay attention in class. You would
be surprised to see how much you would learn from
not talking and just listening. If you don't completely
understand the material, ......
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Don't Kiss and Tell

A family should have
a certain amount of
privacy.  Don’t kiss
and tell.

someone to go
around, and tell
everything about
your life?  Worst if it
were about
intimacy.  Personal
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Inspirational Newsletter
You Can Be A Straight A Student
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Vacine - Swine Flu - H1N1
A Must Read

The common flu is more deadly
In the US there have been 40,000 cases identified
with 1,876 deaths. This is quite low when you
compare the death rate to the typical flu virus which
kills over 30,000 people per year.
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After trying desperately to get her
computer to work, a woman
called the Internet technician for
help.  When he answered the
phone, she told him the
situation.  "Do you have any
windows open?" he asked.
"Yes," she replied.
"Please close all the windows
that are open." She wondered
why he asked her to do that. She
decided to do as he asked.
"Okay," she responded, "I'll be
right back.  She got up, and
came back out of breath.  
"Hello," she said.
"Hello," answered the
technician.  "Is everything okay
"Yes, I closed all the windows in
the house, and hurried back,
that's why I'm out of breath.
"Sorry for any inconvenience
Ma'am, but I meant the windows
on your computer.
"Oh, but I don't have any
windows on my computer,
except the monitor. It has a
glass covering and I can't close