Jo-Val Inspirations
Volume 3 Issue 5
May  2010
Life Style
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Hope, comfort and Encouragement is the most complete guide
to information about Self Help on the Internet.
The admirable mother is
honorable, wise, elegant,
honest, strong, attractive,
feminine, loving, a homemaker,
manager, a manager, a
businesswoman, and..and..

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Sweet words and a gentle touch

Educating For Eternity
What does God requires of you? - Click here

Be a Physician Assistant -- Physician assistants (PAs) are health professionals licensed to
practice medicine with physician supervision. PAs perform a comprehensive range of
medical duties, from basic primary care to high-technology specialty procedures. PAs often
act as first or second assistants in major surgery and provide pre- and postoperative care.
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Online school for k-12 -- This is a continuum of effective, inspiring online learning
options:  … from exceptional online courses… to blended online/classroom school
programs… to full-time online public and private school programs…
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Graduation will be here soon
    Poem by


    Mother I love
    you very much.
           I even love
    your gentle
    you are my
           You are
    absolutely like
    no other.
           You are
    kind and sweet
    and very neat.
    Mother you are
    the best the
    best mother
           So I give
    you my love
    now and
H e a l t h   W a t c h
Why are you feeding your family poisons?

MSG - A dangerous food additive
This food additive explains many ailments in many people.
Much legend and myth is being passed around about MSG to
make it seem innocent.  In fact, it can cause many different
reactions, in some people fatal.
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A little boy wanting to help
his parent pay the bills,  
wrote God a letter.  He
asked God for $500.00.  He
mailed the letter and
waited  A post office
personnel saw the letter
addressed to God and put
it asside. Curious to see
what the letter said, he
decided to read it. Feeling
sad for the family he asked
the other employees to put
money together to help the
family.  They grathered
$300.00 and mailed it to
the family.  The post office
received another letter from
the boy. It read,"God, next
time you send money, send
an extra $200.00, the
postal service fee is
Happy Mother's Day
The Honorable Mother
Hi Mom, a poem for YOU
- by Joan Wright Lewis
If you want flat abs,
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Unusual Tips to Lose
Body Fat and
Get a Flat Stomach
Thanks for being there for me when no one else was
Thanks for spending money on me when you could have
use it for yourself
Thanks for staying up late, watching over me, and
making sure ...
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Don't forget to include your parents, family and
friends to celebrate this joyous occasion with
you.  You have toiled long and hard to reach
your goal.  May God bless you and your
graduates, and all of your endeavors and may
success be yours.