JWANI Inspirational Monthly Newsletter
Do you want to
be popular or
have friends
Volume 2 Issue 9
July 2018
New release "How to be
Popular Like a Celebrity
and Love it
" For teens,
young adults, all ages who
wish to have friends, be
popular and love it. Order
your copy now. It is here.

a look.
It's here.
discounts for multiple
orders and see what
readers are raving
Be the most popular in
school, on campus, at
church or at work
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H e a l t h   W a t c h
Women business  and congregational leaders attend lots of meetings
and moves women to a new level of thinking, action and greatness.
She will level of success!

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Hope, comfort and Encouragement
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information about Self Help on the Internet.
Don't Give Up

Life is like a roller
coaster.  Sometimes you
are up and sometimes
you are down.  

When the down, sad or
depressing side shows
its ugly face, it can throw
us off our feet.  There
are times when we get
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Sweet words and a gentle touch
(The response to this article was great, we decided to let it
stay for another month)

Coffee contains the drug caffeine. You tell your
children to say NO to drugs, yet, you take drugs in
the form of your daily coffee drinks; eventually
teaching them to take drugs.  Please make up your
mind. The number one cause of cancer in the
esophagus is coffee. The first effect of coffee is ......
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America's Favorite Coffee Alternative
If you want the taste of coffee without the caffeine,
Caffeine free herbal coffee. People have
claimed that it taste just like coffee. Now you can
enjoy a steaming cup of deliciously rich, deep
roasted, fresh brewed flavor that delivers all the
satisfaction without the caffeine and acidity of coffee!
Surviving College     

Educating For Eternity
What does God requires of you? - Click here

Surviving College Life is every student’s guide to the ins and outs of college. If you’re
wondering how to get along with a roommate, have fun on a student’s budget, handle
the basics of living on your own, make it through college classes, and even figure out
what to do when you graduate, then you’ve come to the right place!
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One of the first things in
understanding a man is
to admire his masculine
traits.  Deep in his heart
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A little boy wanting to
help his parent pay the
bills,  wrote God a letter.  
He asked God for
$500.00.  He mailed the
letter and waited  A post
office personnel saw the
letter addressed to God
and put it asside. Curious
to see what the letter
said, he decided to read
it. Feeling sad for the
family he asked the other
employees to put money
together to help the
family.  They grathered
$300.00 and mailed it to
the family.  The post
office received another
letter from the boy. It
read,"God, next time you
send money, send an
extra $200.00, the postal
service fee is $200.00.