Jo-Val Inspirations
Volume 5 Issue 12
December  2011
Life Style
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Hope, comfort and Encouragement
Sweet words and a gentle touch
School & College Corner

Educating For Eternity
What does God requires of you? - Click here

Are there too many students in college?  Find out why
it is very important to get a college education.
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Oakwood University, a Christian University has been around
for 114 years.  It is a leading educational institution that
prepares its graduates for lifetime careers. If your goal is to
be a doctor, nurse, accountant, teacher, attorney, chemist,
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    Need a Lift
When was the last time
you took a nice warm
scented bath, with nice
smelling candles and soft
music?  Never!  Cannot
remember!  Well it is
about time you pamper
yourself this holiday
season, because you are
worth it.
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Inspirational Newsletter
It's the most wonderful time of the year
Happy Holidays
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Czar Rudolph the

There was once a
great czar in Russia
named Rudolph the
He stood looking out
the windows of is
palace one day
while his
wife, the Czarina
Katerina, sat nearby
knitting. He turned
to her
and said, "Look my
dear, it has begun to
rain!" Without even
looking up from her
knitting she replied,
"It's too cold to rain. It
must be sleeting."
The Czar shook his
head and said, "I am
Czar of all the
Russias, and
Rudolph the Red
knows rain, dear!"
Here is a Awesome
Christmas Game for the
whole family to enjoy.
Click on gift boxes and
recieve the Christmas
gift for you. Merry
Christmas and Happy
The Book of Fascinating
    Page 318
Christmas Trees

"The Christmas tree,
which is common
today in many
countries, is thought
to have originated in
Germany.  Before
Christianity was
introduced, pagans
worshipped oak trees
as a symbol of their
gods.  St. Boniface,
the missionary who
brought Christianity to
Germany, is said to
have introduced the
evergreen in place of
the oak tree, since the
evergreen was a
traditional Christain
symbol of resurrection
and everlasting life. ...
    I'll Be Home
    for Christmas

Christmas is that time of year
when families want to be
together.  The holiday brings
with it a feeling of warmth that
surrounds us and makes our
hearts happy. I love the smell
of cake and cookies baking
and people helping and
looking out for each other. I
also love the Christmas song
“I’ll be home for Christmas.”  
However, sometimes
circumstances keep families
away or apart during the
holiday season.
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Did you over eat during the holidays?
Does your stomach feel bloated.  Do you get acid influx?

"Heartburn is a burning sensation in the stomach that is
caused when acidic, half-digested food backs up into the
esophagus.  This is most common when a person lies
down or bends down after eating a big meal.  Antacids
and other medicines may relieve this uncomfortable
feeling."1   When I get heartburn, I've taken a teaspoon of,
"apple-cider vinegar, drink half cup of carrot juice or
cabbage juice for ulcer--type related symtoms.
1. The Book of Fascinating Facts pg 89
How to Get Rid of Heartburn and Develop Your Own
Treatment for Acid Reflux
Bread recipe
Hummus recipe is the most complete
guide to information about Self Help on
the Internet.
Eating Healthy
See Articles below ~~ Vitamins, Acid Reflux, Immune,


In order for our bodies to funtion properly, we need vitamins.
"Vegetables are among the most healthy things you can eat.  They
contain a wealth of minerals (especiallly iron and fcalcium) and
vitamins (especially Vitamin A and Vitamins C).  Vegetables are
also rich in carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.  They also provide
roughage, the bulk that helps digestive juices works." ~~
The Book of
Fascinating Facts

Carrots are righ in carotene, a substance that gives them their
orange color.  Carotene is also rich in Vitamin A, which helps your
skin, teeth, and bones.  People who do not have enough Vitamin A
in their bodies often have......
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Feeling Lonely
during the Holidays
If you feeling lonely during this
holiday season, take time out
and call some friends you
have not heard from in years.  
Visit an assisted living or  
nursing home and bring some
cheers to a lonely person.
Accept invitations from family
and friends. Call a family
member you have not talk to
in a long time.  Forgive and
forget.  But do not visit
anyone who will make you
upset.  Talk to God if you feel
See a video
Keep intouch with Loved Ones
H e a l t h   W a t c h