Jo-Val Inspirations
Volume 4 Issue 4
April  2011
Life Style
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Hope, comfort and Encouragement is the most complete guide
to information about Self Help on the Internet.
When the down, sad or
depressing side shows its
ugly face, it can throw us off
our feet.  There are times
when we get distressed, and
we do not know what to do.  
We may not have anyone to
turn to.  If we do have
someone, that person may
not understand the turmoil we
are facing. All we know is
that ...
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Sweet words and a gentle touch
School & College Corner
Educating For Eternity
What does God requires of you? - Click here

How to complete an online degree -- Last year I gave information about online
classes.  Now, I found some more information about completing an online degree.  
Robertine Cobb, gave some very interesting information.  If you are interested in
completing an online degree see what she has to say. This is great info if you are just
starting out also. Good luck.
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Online school for k-12 -- This is a continuum of effective, inspiring online
learning options:  … from exceptional online courses… to blended online/classroom
school programs… to full-time online public and private school programs…
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Jamaican Easter
buns recipe from

Real Jamaican
Spring is here.  
Have you planted your garden? It is
time for beautiful plants, flowers and
tomatoes. Get info on beautiful
plannned out landscaping around
your home.
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The Book of
Fascinating Facts

Plants to Avoid

"There are more than 700
kinds of poisonous plants
growing in the United
States and Canada .  Many
of them look or smell so
nasty that people keep
away from them without
even thinking. Many plants
that we see all the time, or
even eat certain parts of,
are actually poisonous.
Did you know, for example,
that the leaves of potato
plants and apricot and
cherry pits are
poisonous?  Many
poisonous plants harm
people and animals if they
are eaten. Others cause
skin problems or harm the
eyes or ears. Some cause
problems only to people
who are allergic to them."

page 121

Make sure your garden is
safe from poisonous
H e a l t h   W a t c h

How to Make an Organic Garden With Organic Pesticides

Organic Pesticides?  What on earth could we use for
pesticides that will not harm us, but will keep bugs and
animals away?  Click above to find out what to use and  
Read More, to find out how to make it.
More how to Make organic pesticides.

How to start an organic garden. Click here or on
How do you celebrate
Easter? God’s Sweet words
to you are that He loves you
very much.  He ....
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A man who wanted to
make himself more
educated, decided to
become more familiar
with new words to show
how smart he had
become.  Finding a new
word "postpone" he
asked a college student
the meaning of the
word.  The student
readily told him that the
meaning of the word
means, to "put off." On
his way home in a taxi,
he kindly and with
assurance told the taxi
driver to "postpone" him
at the corner.
Live Journal
Easter hot cross
buns.  Click on
picture or
here for
To see Easter recipes including hot cross buns
here for the Indian Mirror recipies.
It is the season for rain and stroms.  Be prepared and stay safe.
Don't Give Up