Women all over the world want to be like Destini - the beautiful, sexy
heroine is intelligent, witty, strong, feminine, and caring.  See how
she handles evil challenges and comes out shining. Though her best
friend schemed against her and her life falls into danger without her
knowledge, she comes forth triumphant . .  or does she?  How does
she handle the death of those closes to her?

Stephan, the sharp, handsome heartthrob, the sort of young man
women long for, is courageous and passionate.  He is assailed by
obstacles on all sides, and confronts them directly.  

Come with us on a journey, through a stirring adventure.
Experience tears, laughter, anger and contentment through the
pages of "Destini the Chocolate Princess".  It caresses you
warmly, leaves you satisfied, yet wanting more.
  • How we judge others by their appearance, daily, not realizing the devastation
    we inflict on them
  • What the Word through the ages, say what will happen to us when we hurt or
    do good to our fellowmen
  • How to get over sad feelings
  • What qualities a woman posses that causes the heart of a man to beat rapidly
    with love and care towards her
  • The insecurities a teen experience when a parent is not present when they
    return from school
  • How to get courage and be happy from day to day
  • How to fnd peace
  • Find out these and more through the pages of Destini the Chocolate Princess
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