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"Destini the Chocolate Princess  Are
or your child being bullied? See how
Destini overcame by fighting back in a
powerful way.  This book Empowers
them to accept their divine given beauty.
Love who they are and accept others as
they are.  
Put Power in Your Life
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Packed between the covers of this book
is a powerful, raw and true story about a
boy born into a large, low-income family;
who dropped out  of school and entered
a thug life on the streets, and became
addicted to illicit drugs.  

He was institutionalized for crimes and
deviancy most of his juvenile and young
adult years.   

At a very dismal point in his life, he
encountered a spiritual phenomenon
that enlightened him. Thus, he acquired
the power he needed to conquer his
delinquencies, and his life was forever
This book talks to kids, teens and young
adults; how to make friends; to build
lasting friendships; how to conduct
themselves wherever they are; to build
self-esteem and confidence; to love who
they are; to stay in school and to respect
others. Adults can benefit from it also.

It addresses the real issues regarding
attitudes, rudeness and personalities
that plague our society as a nation, for
both youth and adults; in the church and
out. It teaches what encouragement is
all about. What does sagging have to do
with modern society.
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Romance in one
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