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Food nourishes the body~~Reading Empowers the Mind
    “Rarely does a book come along with power that mesmerizes and captures the heart of its readers.  This book not only
    captivated my mind; it captivated my spirit!  The flood of emotions for me was unreal!  The author has apprehended the
    essence of what it means to have courage when it seems like everything is against you.  Destini the Chocolate Princess
    addresses the real issues that plague our society as a nation, both youth and adults; in the church and abroad.  Prepare
    yourself to experience trial, tribulation, and triumph!  Hope, renewal, strength and transformation! This book is a MUST
    READ for everyone! (In fact, I shared my copy with my teenage son's; they absolutely Love It!).”  -- Yolanda McIntosh,

    Read a book that book-club members are drooling over and begging for a sequel. It is a Powerful love story that
    makes readers want to be the characters.  See how this mind boggling, life changing adventure reaches into your
    soul, and evoke your emotions: laughter, tears, anger and joy. Feel the excitement with the turn of every page,
    waiting to see what’s next. Destini’s life is challenged from the day she was born, up to when she met Stephan.  
    However, the adventure spins out of control when she meets him. There are true incidents embedded throughout
    the book. See how we all fit into this journey, because we do.


  • Do not read at night. Staying up late into early morning, may make you tired. (noted by readers)
  • Do not take to school, it may be stolen by someone or taken from you by the teacher. (Reading in class is a no, no).  (Noted by readers)
  • Do not leave it on a chair, desk or table, in the open. Those who did, had to buy a new one.  Starting this book, may keep you from doing
    your daily operations. (noted by buyers and readers)
  • These events are true and were given by those who bought a copy of “Destini the chocolate Princess.”  

Envision yourself invited to a prestigious gathering. You are dressed fabulous.  While enjoying yourself; you are approached by the
host and is asked to leave in a hateful manner. You have never done anything to this person. Nevertheless, nasty, rude and
embarrassing words are spat out at you, and your invitation taken away in front of gazing eyes. But wait, you were invited by a
prominent family member. What would you do? Discover what happened in this intriguing novel
Destini the Chocolate Princess. I
promise you will not regret reading it.
Take a look inside

Destini the Chocolate Princess
Joan Wright Lewis

Destini -- though innocent and beautiful, has a lot
to learn. She learned that children and people can
be cruel.
She also learned that bullies feel
powerful when they are picking on others,
because they usually have low self-esteem.

Read about her struggles and how she fought
back and defied the bullies in her life. Destini is
intelligent, feminine, and caring. She faces evil
challenges.  Her life is disrupted by Stephan’s
mother, who plots to destroy Destini. This
intriguing novel captures the imagination, stirs
the conscience and provokes the thoughts.

A powerful and mesmerizing novel, the author
has captured the essence of what it means to
have courage, when it seems like everything is
against you.

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Sometimes, loving yourself, and loving who you are is not easy. However, you must Love yourself, walk with pride, knowing that
you are very special.

Do not allow a bully to push you around.  Get help if you have to.  If you are embarrassed to tell someone that a bully is making you
scared, uncomfortable or sad; do not be afraid, please tell someone.  Go to the principal, your parents, a teacher, the police,  a
minister, someone you trust, the president, or your top boss.  There is someone out there who cares.The best person to go for help
is God.

Say to yourself:
"I am valuable."      "I am beautiful indeed."      "There is no one else like me."

You are more valuable than all the diamonds and gold put together.  Take a look in the mirror now, yes
now. Look at you, WOW, you are lovely, you are beautiful; love yourself.  Love who you are. Do not let a
bully take away your value and self-esteem from you. Stand your ground and I repeat, seek help until you
get the help.  Read this fantastic book, see how Destini won the battle.
God sent His Son to this world to redeem us back to Him. For a  God to come here and die in our place means that we are very
special. This also means that we are worth more than all the precious jewels in the world.  
Say to yourself each day that
you are special, valuable, beautiful, handsome, intelligent, smart, and wonderfully made.
 "Destini the
Chocolate Princess"
takes you on an adventure that will open your eyes and allow you to feel the excitement of how precious and
awesome you are. See how God, Destini and her family defied the bullies.