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How to be Popular Like a Celebrity is here to help you to build friendships that last.  To move forward when we hit
a road block in our lives.

Once in a while we stumble because of know or unknown reasons.  Sometimes it knocks us completely off of our
feet.  At times it slows us down and we need a booster to move forward.  
How to be Popular Like a Celebrity . . . .
gives us insight that empowers us to move forward. One reader said "It helps me to understand life in a positive
way."  Others said, "It inspired me to move forward and begin a new venture." "To stay in school." "Wow! I love it." "

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Consider this: You know lots of people, yet you do not have any close friends.
"How to be Popular..." shows you the know how to make friends and keep
them.  Friends are very important in our lives.  We were created as social beings,
therefore, we need to have friends and family around us.
Readers are claiming they have gained a lot of life survival skills.
There are times in our lives when we feel jealous of someone. See how to overcome the
emotional feelings of jealousies in our lives.

If you are too quiet and tend to be a wallflower, this book gives you the opportunity to move
away from the wall and be noticed.
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    Teacher - Nancy Rinderman
    This book is great for the kids in my class.  It is well wirtten."

    Mother of 16 year old
    I bought "How to be Popular..." for my daughter because she is going through some stuff at home and
    problems with her friends at school.  She loved the book.  She said, she wish more books could be
    written like this. One evening I came home and I heard my daughter and my mother arguing over the
    book, about whose turn it was to read it.  I told my Mom to let her granddaughter finish it first because
    it was easy to read and when she was done reading it then she (my Mom) could read it after. Girl, I
    wasn't planning to read it because I bought it for my daughter, but it must be good for them fussing like
    that, so, when they are done, I will read it too.

    Store owner of Christian book Center
    Love the topics and the cover, this is exactly what I have been looking for. Today's young people
    would love this.

    13 year old student
    I love this book! I could not put it down until I read the last page. Wow! It was really good.  Thanks Mrs.

    Wow! This book  taught me some good stuff. Taught me not to be intimated by people, not to have
    bad attitude and being mean to people.  After reading It, I realize I had some not so nice attitude and it
    led me to change. Also to treat people nice. I learned a lot of good things I did not even know.  It
    caught my attention more than other books I have read.  Thanks for taking the time to write this.  I told
    my friends and they want one too.

    Pastor - Joe Escobar
    This is pretty good.  I know a lot of young people who will benefit from reading this book. It teaches the
    young good manners and reminds the adults what they were taught, plus I love the part about the
    slender guy without the bulging muscle.  Ha, ha, ha reminds me of myself.

    teenage girl
    I entered the modeling contest because "How to be Popular..." is one of the prizes, and I heard from
    my friends that it had a lot of good information.  Hope I win it.

    Young Adult - age 21
    Read your book. It had a lot of good information I really needed.
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".... It opened up my mind to let me see things that I never realized before."
A powerful intellectual book for teens and young adults. This delightful, easy reading
book is filled with passionate informational skills to challenge the mind.  It reveals how
to have lasting friendships. Why you may be lonely, unpopular or invisible, and how you
can correct these negatives, make friends, be recognized and be accepted.
HOW TO BE POPULAR Like a Celebrity and Love it
Building Friendships that Last
Secure a copy of “How to be Popular Like a Celebrity and love it.”  This book directs
  • You to choose careers that most people do not think of that will put you in the limelight
  • What a lady should do to get, and keep a man's attention
  • What a young man should do if he want to capture the attention of a beautiful woman?
  • What about sagging
  • How to get a man's attention and keep it?
  • What a person may be doing that is causing them to lose good friends.
This book relates to kids, teens and young adults
about how to make friends; the valuable information
within its page will build lasting friendships; how to
conduct oneself wherever they are.  To build
self-esteem, to overcome jealousies so they could
focus more on school and the positives; to love who
they are, and to respect others.

It addresses the real issues regarding attitudes,
rudeness and negative personalities that plague our
society and the nation, adults will also benefit from this
life changing book; at work, in the home and at
church.  It shows the power of  encouragement and
how to be an effective leader.

What sagging have to do with modern society.

Hair care. And, what about braids.
Joan Wrigh Lewis
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Here are a few of the comments from others who have read
How to be Popluar Like a Celebrity and Love it."
One teen said,
“Even though I
was told that I am
pretty, I never
accepted it or like
myself until
reading this
book, it taught
me to love and to
accept myself. I
am happy now.
Thank you.”