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"Secrets of Amazing Relationships" is an
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"Secrets of Amazing Relationships"

Be Confident in Any Relationship

ears ago, I attended an amazing seminar that changed my life.  It changed my
thoughts regarding male-female relationships.  I wondered why this type of
information was not taught in high schools, colleges, universities or the church.  

Mrs. Yvonne Pittmon, a lovely, cultured woman, conducted the seminar.  She
shared information about her life, and related to us how this seminar changed
her thoughts and saved her marriage.

After taking the seminar and assuming the new role, I understood the reason
why men did not hang around for long and why I consistently ran them away.
However, after the seminar, I had a following of men vying for my attention,
and wanting to marry me.
  The seminar taught me how to understand men.  
I actually had to threaten a man with the police to get him to stop calling.
 He claimed that he had
never met a woman like me and he wanted very much to marry me.
I then decided to stop
exercising the wonderful knowledge I had gained.  Seriously -- I had to stop using the information and
then utilize it only on a few selected men.  

I remember meeting the editor of a famous magazine and just that one meeting, he wanted to send a
limousine to take me to a special invitation party.
 I realized that the information in the seminar worked
one hundred percent (100%). Yes, it was on target.  Wow! I wanted as much women to know of this
wonderful information I had learnt and continue to exercise.  After a few years, I decided to teach it.  But
to my disappointment, the company had stopped printing the material.  You are kidding me, right.  Well,
it took me years later to put together my own seminar with ideas from the seminar, plus my own
experiences, the “Bible,” and the research I had done.
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"Secrets of Amazing
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"Be Confident in Any Relationship"
How to Attract and Keep the Man of your Dreams.
This Awesome Seminar brings to life the true meaning of
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opens doors that allow women of all walks of life to capture
a man's heart.  The contents of this seminar have saved
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"Secrets of Amazing
teaches to Be Confidnet in Any
Relationship," that no matter what; a woman has the ability
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Relationship Seminar
Each session with a counselor could run anywhere from $100 - $350 per session.  
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