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Disclaimer:  We will not embezzle your ideas; however, we have no control over someone
submitting an idea like yours.  We do not accept and publish every book.  We choose wisely,
what is best for us and the author, along with the genre. It would be great to take on every
book; however, we must do what is best for everyone involved. It is best to submit your
manuscript digitally.  Hard copies increase the price of publishing the book. A book
submission should include the following:

The title of your book; The Table of Contents for the book, your vision for the book, a brief
description of the topic, and what it covers.

The specs you envision for the book – trim size, original page count (correct page count will
be suggested by publisher, once book has been set by trim size.), color, special features,
number of illustrations, screenshots, line art, etc.

Your audience: Who is your book aimed at and why? – Important to know from the onset of

Your competition:  Every book has competition both in the retail and non-traditional sales
spaces.  What other books are like yours or cover related topics.  Make sure you list their
specs and price points. – OPTIONAL

Begin to think about your plan:  This is one of the most important parts submitting your book.   
What opportunities do you have to sell this book?  What contacts do you have?  What
credentials, what marketing ideas?  What is your place within the audience community for this

Your bio: A small detailed bio will be placed on the book cover, and on our author’s website.

Your marketing opportunities:  You wouldn't be publishing if you didn't already have some
marketing opportunities in mind.  What would you see as your ideal marketing plan?  What
additional opportunities do you have – co-branding deals, etc.  Be creative but let us know if
it's just an idea or if you have contacts. – This for your benefit- not required.
Book Submission Guidelines
For Manuscript Submission Please see below.
JWANI Productions, LLC

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At JWANI Productions,

We believe that every author has a story to tell, and
that every story deserves to be told. We work with our
writers every step of the way on their literary journey,
helping to bring out the most from their work. From an
idea and rough draft, to editing and publication,
JWANI Productions helps our authors produce high
quality, interesting, and entertaining books.