Planning a Wedding
Planning a wedding is not an easy task.  However, if you set your
goals and write out your plans, plus ask for help it will be a lot easier.  
If you plan to have more than one maid or matron of honor, this is
even better.  They should be given different assignments to facilitate
your wedding plans. Having more than one maid or matron of honor
is probably wise because your best friend may want to be honored,
however, your sister may be looking for you to ask her to be the
maid or matron (married) of honor.

If you are planning your wedding instead of hiring a wedding
consultant or asking a very close person to plan it for you, you must
get all the information you need to have a smooth wedding and
reception.  It is best to have someone assist you, especially if you
to invite a large number of guests.
Read a book that
bookclub members are
drooling over and
begging for a sequel.
It is
a Powerful love story that
makes readers want to be
the characters.  See how
this mind boggling, life
changing adventure
reaches into your soul, and
evoke your emotions:
laughter, tears, anger and
joy. Feel the excitement
with the turn of every page,
waiting to see what is
next.  Destini’s life is
challenged from the day
she was born, up to when
she met Stephan.  
However, the adventure
spins out of control when
she meets him. There are
true incidents embedded
throughout the book. See
how we all fit into this
journey, because we do.

To start you should do the following:  
Make sure your virus protection is on and working before
visiting any website

Make up and put together your budget for your wedding. Do
not over spend.  You will need the money to live after the
Plan an engagement party, announcing your engagement.
You will need invitations for the wedding
Ask your fiancé to ask his best man and groomsmen to help with the wedding also
You will need programs.
A cake.  Do you plan to bake your cake
or have someone you know bake it.  Or
do you plan to hire a baker.  See this
month newsletter for a
cake recipe and
Will you use a limousine service or your own vehicle? There are
limousine services in your area.  Look online or the yellow pages.

If you chose to use your own vehicle, who will drive you to the
wedding ceremony and reception
Don't forget wedding flowers
and reception ideas.
Do you plan to have a sit down dinner, a party type, a casual or elegant buffet
Do not forget to sign up at your favorite stores (more than one
type of store).  Do not choose only inexpensive or only
expensive items.  Choose a variety.  If you prefer, opt for gift
cards or cash instead. Do not be afraid to let your guest know.  
Some people do not like to buy gifts, especially men.  Some
will prefer to submit a gift card or cash. On your signup sheet
in the store make a place for gift cards or ask your guest if
they prefer, they could submit cash at the wedding.
Inquire about the locality of your wedding ceremony and the reception.  Will
the wedding ceremony take place in the same area as the reception or at
different location
Your photographer is crucial. Your wedding pictures and video, will capture the memory of your wedding for you to cherish for the rest of your life. Choose
well.  If a friend will be, videotaping your wedding make sure the camera is well equipped with battery power, and film.  The inside lighting should be good.
Buy good
makeup so your
makeup will be
flawless on your
special day. Start
early so you will
not be rushed.  
Have a friend
help unless you
are an expert.  
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to visit sites
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