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Consider this; Imagine being confident in your relationships, and getting the man of your
dreams.   It’s guaranteed to open up a whole new world in your relationships.
    Students are claiming it was fun and eye opening.  "It changed my life."
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Joan Wright Lewis
"After taking the class, I went on a cruise with a good friend.  The sea captian and
chef were eating out of my hands.
My girl friend kept asking me how did I do that.  
She kept saying
that I am a different person, and she liked the change."
What if
  • You could have men loving to associate with you, never tiring of your company?

  • You could get the man of your dreams, attaining his trust, and become a captivating and fascinating woman in his

  • You could have men running to your attention at the drop of a hat and are fascinated by you?

  • Your relationship hit rock bottom?  
  • This tele-seminar have the necessary tools to teach how to assume the confidence a woman needs in order to
    resolve problems she never realized could be resolved. No more guessing games. Stand out and be yourself
    with the new found knowledge.

  • The women around you are wondering how you keep getting mens attention so easily.  
  • A student of the SOAR Seminar said, her friends kept asking her what on earth was she doing to get men to do
    what she wanted. They noticed the men were doing their best to please her.

  • Your relationship is just okay?

  • In just 5 minutes you could receive some of the most extraordinary wisdom and free gifts given to you, just by ordering
    this seminar or if you prefer to purchase a copy of one or both books. (see below)  

  • Your confirmation of this teleseminar is worth the many wonderful Bonus Gifts you will receive.

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See what former students are saying:

    Student SOAR - 2013
    My marriage is happier.  We don't argue anymore.  Yes, we do have dissagreement, but now I know how to handle
    it and keep the peace in my home. I was very worried and sad before the seminar.  I am so much happier now.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to educate us.

    Student - 2010
    This was a an amazing seminar that awakened my eyes to my ways of being a women of grace and class. Because
    of these series of classes I found my now husband. This class has helped me in so many ways whether with
    friends or past relationships. This course definitely teaches secrets that every women MUST have.... I could
    possibly share one with you and it is....SHHHHHHH...its a secret.... Take the seminar and you won't be

    Student - 2010
    "I am closer to my father than I've been in years. This seminar has changed my outlook on life."

    Student - 2003
    "Where were you two years ago when I was going through a divorce.  I would still be married.  I am going home to
    work things out with my ex."

    Student - 2000
    "I am a psychologist and I wish they taught me this in college. I can use this information at my job and see good
    results.  Thanks Joan."

    Student - 2000
    "My husband and I saw two different counselors and were still in the process of getting a divorce, however, since I
    took your seminar, we have reconciled.  He is taking me to Hawaii, on vacation in two weeks. Thank you." (They
    are still happily married)

    Student - 2000
    My son used to hang outside with his friends all the time, disregarding my instructions. After I took the seminar and
    assumed the new roll, he now listens to me, takes out the garbage, and clean up around the house.  The question
    I have now is, how do I get him to stop following me around the house and talking to me all the time. Okay, he
    seems happier and we have become closer as mother and son, but sometimes I want to be alone without hurting
    his feelings.

    Student - 2010
    My husband came back home, left his mistress, and have not seen her again.  He said I have changed.  He does
    not know what happened to me.  He told me his mother said I am different and they all love the change. My
    husband looks so much happier, in fact he is glowing. People say I am glowing also. The sad tears have turned
    into tears of joy. Thank you.

    Student  - 2011
    "I am more confident.  The kind of men I choose now, treat me with respect. They said they have never met a
    woman like me.  This is great. Never knew my life would be this good."

    Student - 2010
    "I can't believe it.  When I ask him to do something he does it willinging with a smile.  Wow! This seminar is
    amazing. I love the information, it's like, I don't want the sessions to finish.  It has changed my life. Can't believe it
    really works. I wish I knew about this along time ago.

    Student - 1989
    "I've been looking for a husband for a few years.  After your class I'm engaged after 6 months.  Look at my
    ring.  I'm so excited.  Thank you so much."

    Non-student - 1989
    "I wish I took your class when you told me about it. He broke our engagement after 3 years.  He is with someone
    else now.

    Non-student - 2006
    "I am here arguing with you about your lessons and I am without a man and have been without one for some time
    now.  Who am I kidding, I need to shut up and learn something.  

    Student - 2010
    My son used to ignore me all the time.  He was always on his computer. After I took the seminar he now escorts me
    to places he would not normally go as a teenager. He said I have changed and he was willing to please his mom. I
    am amazed.      Click here to order and sign up for seminar
"I feel confident when I enter a room or when I'm introduced to a man."
"Secrets of Amazing Relationships" is an AWESOME seminar.  The only regret you will
have is, you wish you had taken it a long time ago.

"Secrets of Amazing Relationships"

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Amazing Relationships"
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Become: "The alluring and Irresistible Lady

"Be Confident in Any Relationship"
How to Attract and Keep the Man of your Dreams

This Awesome Seminar brings to life the true meaning of a
splendid haramonious life between a man and a woman.  It
opens doors that allow women of all walks of life to capture
a man's heart and keep it.

Learn 8 amazing secrets that have changed the
lives of girls and women.
The enlighting contents of this seminar have saved many
relationships; give life to dead ones, brought couples
back together who were seperated, and open new light
for an even happier liason.
"Secrets of Amazing
Relationships," (SOAR),
 educates its students in a fun  
and practical approach, to
"Be Confident in Any
and to be "The alluring and Irresistible
 The sessions educates each woman to bring out
her inner and outer beauty and to come to the
understanding that she has the ability to have a happy,
spiritual, delightful, sensual, steamy and loving
relationship with her man.

What are you waiting for, Order Now.
Successful Relationship Seminar for Women
    Each session with a counselor could run anywhere from $190 - $437.50 per
    session.  "Secrets of Amazing Relationships" provides eight (8) sessions.  This
    could easily go up to $3500.00.  But it is not $190.00 per session with 8 session
    costing  $1520.00.  The normal price for the entire seminar is $975.00. But sign
    up for the seminar Today and you will not pay $3,500.00 nor $1,520.00, nor
    $975.00.  Your cost will be only $695.00 for the entire seminar. If you pay for
    entire eight sessions all at once, you will save $100.00. You Pay only $595.00.

    Included with this seminar is the coveted book "Destini the Chocolate
    Princess," or you may choose instead, "How to be Popular" for your teen
    or young adult child or friends, once you have taken all 8 Sessions.  

    Click below to view the books, Chocolate Princess," and/or "How to be
    Popular Like a Celebrity.."

    click here, for "Destini the Chocolate Princess."

    click here, for "How to be Popular..".
Want to experience what makes him can't wait to be around you, and have him wondering why you are so
much more fascinating than other women he meets. See how you can have a happy relationship
Years ago I attended an amazing seminar that chaged my life.  It changed my thoughts
regarding male-female relationships.  I wondered why this type of information was not
taught in high schools, colleges, universities or the church.  

Mrs. Yvonne Pittmon, a lovely, cultured woman, conducted the seminar.  She shared
information about her life, and related to us how this seminar changed her thoughts and
saved her marriage.

After taking the seminar and assuming the new role, I finally understood the reason why
men did not stay in a relationship with me for long.  Before the seminar, they consistently
ran away.  However, after the seminar, I had a following of men competing for my attention,  
and wanting to marry me.
The seminar taught me how to understand men.  I actually had to threaten a man with the police to get him to stop
 He claimed that he had never met a woman like me and he wanted very much to marry me. I then
decided to stop exercising the wonderful knowledge I had gained.  Seriously -- I had to stop living the information and
then utilize it only on a few selected men.  

I remember attracting the attention of an editor of a famous magazine in NYC and just that one short meeting, he
wanted to send a limousine to take me to a special invitation party.
 I realized that the information in the seminar
worked one hundred percent (100%). Yes, it was on target.  Wow! I wanted as much women to know of this wonderful
information I had learned.  After a few years, I decided to teach it.  But to my disappointment, the company had
stopped printing the material.  You are kidding me, right.  Well, a few years later I put together my own seminar with
ideas from the seminar, plus my own experiences, the “Bible,” and the research I had done.
Joan Wright Lewis is: A fantastic Christian and Motivational Speaker. Encourages youth how to handle bullying; to  
stay in school and college.

She also
brings 20 years of encouraging women to have a strong, healthy, fun, long lasting and loving
relationship.  She helped others to make these changes.
1. Click here to pay for this seminar online.

(Ordering this Seminar online is a fast and secure process.)

Here is some of what you will be learning during the TeleSeminar:

    Learning to be an irresistible lady
    Understanding men
    What is the Powerhouse of your relationship
    Becoming a fascinating or captivating woman
    How to get his attention and keep it
    knowing the feminine charms
    Learning to love you
    What do women do to chase men away
    Where are the best places to find men
    What colors and style attracts men, what turns them off
    How to get him to propose
    Allowing her man to fall very much in love with her
    How to mend a bad argument or relationship
    How to pray for the right husband
    Create a happy and satisfying environment for herself, mate,
    and family.
    What type of a woman a man desires
Simple ways to flirt that will stir his heart
Words to use to attract his undivided attention
How to be confident in any relationship
How to appear sexy and innocent
To feel happy inside
Educate women into being a classy, fascinating lady
Learn the art of wholesome health
What is food combination
Learn the art of being desirable
Learn what type of a woman or personality she is
To keep marriage or relationship together
How to make him feel good about himself
How to build your self-esteem
How to look fresh, radiant and be happy
Letting her man trust in her
Learn fun way to have fun with husband in bed
    Adele Foster
Healthy Relationship
Developing a healthy relationship is not always easy. It will
have its ups and downs and even turn corners.  From the
onset to the growth of the relationship, Forrest and Adele
share a wealth of lessons learned along the way from their
experiences and the experiences of others.
Adele J. Foster is an author, trainer, speaker and transformation coach
who coached individuals and groups in publishing, writing, business,
personal and professional endeavors.
    Carolyn Duncan
    Inez Bracy
Healing Past Hurts, Video
Nicole Parker, wife, mother and Biblical Counselor,
speak to audience about healing past hurt and
abuse. Directing them to change their life’s direction.
Carolyn teaches the youth to love and appreciate who they
are. She loves and encourages them to move forward with
their lives. She has a video gift for you: Nicole Parker, is the
Live Your Dream
Does it feel like you're turning in circles and not accomplishing
the things you desire.  Don't you owe it to yourSelf to feel brand
new and live your life by design?  Awaken your spirit and
unleash your creativity to start living your dream life now.
Inez Bracy, International Radio Talk Show Host, Transformation Coach,
Speaker, Award-Winning Author, has helped tens of thousands deliberately
create a life by design.  Inez draws on her personal experiences, training and
excellence to share with audiences those essential elements that comprise her
vision of femininity, leadership, vision, retirement success, fun, life, and faith.
    Joan Lewis
    Keith Neely
    I would like to thank the following awesome
    people for their support:

    Adele Foster
    Alexia Lewis
    Carolyn Duncan
    Inez Bracy
    Keith Neely
The Executives - 5 Parts
Love and encouragement.

wning a business could be stressful. See how a couple overcame the
odds and move forward. What happens when another woman is involved
it is even more stressful. See how anger, attitude, sex, dominance,
forgiveness, plays a part in this couple's life.
Illustrated Bible
Illustrated Bible is an awesome gift for children and teens to read
the Bible.  The Neelys have made beautiful illustrations to spark the
young mind.  See for yourself. You will not be disappointed.  Your
children will thank you for making it easier for them to read the
    Counsels on Courtship and Marriage
    Carolyn Duncan
    Counsels on Diets and Foods
Carolyn teaches the youth to love and appreciate who they are. She
loves and encourages them to move forward with their lives. She has a
video gift gift for you: Nicole Parker, is the speaker
Building Confidence
Nicole Parker speaker, (video) elaborates about
building your self-esteem in God, and change the
direction of your life, so one could live a powerful life, and
be happy.
Counsels On  Diets and Foods
To be healthy, feel good and alive, is the best thing for
any and everyone. This 374 page, book opens our eyes
to a vast amount of health benefits in today's fast paced
world. The author, White, directs the reader's what to do
to keep fit, lose weight, look and feel healthy.  She
answers the questions of what keeps us from deseases.  
What does God have to say about food and health. Plus
study guide
Counsels On Courtship and Marriage
Counsels on Courtship and Marriage is a very powerful book
written for those contemplating marriage and those who are
married. It could help heal relational problems. Steer a person
in the right direction. Counsels on what kind of spouse to attain.
Plus much, much more. E-Book
See the Bonus Gifts below, you will receive just for taking all 10
sessions of the seminar. Also, included is a Bonus Session
on one
with the Consultant Instructor.