"I feel confident when I enter a room or when I'm introduced to a man."

"Secrets of Amazing Relationships"
Be Confident in Any Relationship
"Secrets of Amazing Relationships"
You are Now: "The alluring and Irresistible Lady
"Be Confident in Any Relationship"
Attract and Keep the Man of your Dreams

This Awesome Seminar brings to life the true meaning of a
splendid haramonious life between a man and a woman.  It
opens doors that allow women of all walks of life to capture
a man's heart and keep it.

You should have learned 8 amazing secrets that
have changed the lives of girls and women.
The enlighting contents of this seminar have saved many
relationships; give life to dead ones, brought couples back
together who were seperated, and open new light for an
an even happier liason.
"Secrets of Amazing
Relationships," (SOAR),
educates its students in a fun  
and practical approach, to
"Be Confident in Any
and to be "The alluring and Irresistible
 The sessions educates each woman to bring out
her inner and outer beauty and to come to the
understanding that she has the ability to have a happy,
spiritual, delightful, sensual, steamy and loving
relationship with her man.
Hope you learned and had fun.
Relationship Seminar for Women
Joan Gifts for the Graduates
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Redeem Your Gifts below
Thanks for taking the sessions for "Secrets of
Amazing Relationships"
    Joan Lewis
The Executives - 5 Parts
Love and encouragement.

wning a business could be stressful. See how a couple overcame the
odds and move forward. What happens when another woman is involved
it is even more stressful. See how anger, attitude, sex, dominance,
forgiveness, plays a part in this couple's life.
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    Adele Foster
    Counsels on Courtship and Marriage
Developing a healthy relationship is not always easy. It will
have its ups and downs and even turn corners.  From the
onset to the growth of the relationship, Forrest and Adele
share a wealth of lessons learned along the way from their
experiences and the experiences of others.
Adele J. Foster is an author, trainer, speaker and transformation coach
who coached individuals and groups in publishing, writing, business,
personal and professional endeavors.
Healthy Relationship
Counsels on Courtship and Marriage is a very powerful book
written for those contemplating marriage and those who are
married. It could help heal relational problems. Steer a person
in the right direction. Counsels on what kind of spouse to attain.
Counsels On Courtship and Marriage
    Counsels on Diets and Foods
    I would like to thank the following
    awesome people for their support:

    Adele Foster
    Alexia Lewis

Counsels On  Diets and Foods
To be healthy, feel good and alive, is the best thing for
any and everyone. This 374 page, book opens our eyes
to a vast amount of health benefits in today's fast paced
world. The author, White, directs the reader's what to do
to keep fit, lose weight, look and feel healthy.  She
answers the questions of what keeps us from deseases.  
What does God have to say about food and health. Plus
study guide
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