Meet the Author
Author -  Jo-Val Publishing, LLC
Cycle / Psycho Personality
S. A. Tinnin-Bey, was born in
Indianapolis, Indiana where he
continues to reside.  Acquired
a General Education Diploma
at Indiana State Reformatory
(Pendleton Correctional
Facility), then acquired an
Associate of Arts Degree at
Ball State University, in Muncie,
After years of encouragement
from family and friends, this
Personality” was created to
from family and friends, this
encourage others to live a
encourage others to live a
motivated and a successful
happier life. Tinnin-Bey offers
motivational seminars for
youth groups, churches,
correctional centers and many
Learn how he has helped adults and
youth stay out of jail.
For powerful reinforcement and to
empower your youth to stay on the
straight path, contact the author for
your groups or functions.

For more information, please contact
him at: or
Mr. Tinnin-Bey and Judge Mathis
Bill Mays, Pres. CEO of Mays Chem. Co.,
Indiana and S.A. Tinnin-Bey
S. A., 2009 with Tony Dungy, Kim, Khadijah