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"Joan, I cannot get anything else done because I am so fascinated by Destini the  Chocolate Princess!!!!  Destini the Chocolate Princess is just phenomenal!!  I
told my boys about it and now they want to read it.  It is a great read…  I read 130 pages last night alone!!!!  I was reading until 3:30 this morning!!!   …. I am sooooo
Yolanda McIntosh, President/Founder/CEO, McIntosh Mo2Vations, McM,
Saint Paul, MN

Hey Joan, just wanted to let you know that my daughter is reading your book and it made her cry...she's going to call you to thank you for writing it....AND I THANK
Tonda Clairmont, IN

"This is a very poignant and riveting book.
Destini the Chocolate Princess evokes emotion and keeps you turning the page to the very end. It appeals to and stirs
up one's pure conscience. This novel is definitely thought-provoking and falls into the category of 'must read.' "
Renee J., Indianapolis, IN

“Destini the Chocolate Princess” transcends all race and color.  It teaches us that beauty means many things.  From heartache to triumph the story reiterates that
although we do not look alike, we all have the same wants and needs.  This book touches all of your senses, but especially your heart.  The story forces you to
ponder whether people can dislike themselves so much that they can be so wicked to others, and asks the question “Can God change a hardened heart through the
kind loving spirit of another?”  You probably will have more compassion for others after reading this book.  I know that I do!"
Susan E. Hoover, Teacher, Avon, IN

"Inspiring! The book
Destini the Chocolate Princess is one that touches the core of one's soul. It exhibits an awareness of life's inevitable challenges (socio-cultural
biases, human insensitivity and cruelty)but exults in the triumph of abiding faith and love.  One cannot read this book without becoming emotionally involved: You cry,
you sigh, you laugh. It is a book that empowers you to go forward. You will not put this book down until you've read every word. Anyone and everyone will benefit from
reading Chocolate Princess. You'll love it!"
Pauline Evans, Teacher, New York, NY

"This book addresses a very important issue, albeit one many prefer not to think about. The author has used a fictitious character to very bluntly illustrate the
extreme bigotry and hatred, which some people hold towards those with very dark skin pigmentation, even amongst their own race.
The story beholds the life of a beautiful and innocent child, from birth to adulthood, and the hatred and verbal abuse she endures simply because of the darkness of
her skin color. Through the pureness of this young lady's soul, the author illustrates the strength of faith and Christ's love to overpower hate and prejudice.  The
book is simply written and easy to read. I would recommend it for a quiet weekend of reading."
Mother Whiteston "Dee" (Indianapolis, IN USA)

"This book was a definite page turner. It was a roller coaster of emotions from tears to laughter and every emotion in between. A great read indeed!"
Yvonne, Battle, Indianapolis, IN

Destini the Chocolate Princess is a book about cultural biases as well as man's inhumanity to man. It's very thought provoking while being an easy reader for all
age groups. Once you pick it up you will not be able to put it down. Many lessons for children and parents, alike."

"I love this book! I could not put it down until I read the last page. I wanted to know what would happen next and I was not disappointed.  Destini the Chocolate
is a very interesting book. I could identify with some of the events in it. Reading this book gave me courage to face tomorrow. I would recommend Chocolate
Princess to any young person, although, adults will love it too!"
Zudia Williams, New York, NY

"This book has a positive message that will touch many lives. It teaches me as a teenager that despite the obstacles that I may face, I can overcome. I have read this
inspirational book five times because it has a catching effect and it held me. With every page comes a surprise, and with every chapter comes a new beginning. I
would recommend this book to everyone, from the young to the old. This book is so gripping that it will keep you wishing for more."

Nastassja L. Indianapolis, IN
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