Hero or heroine must be victorious in Christ; show how he/she overcome;  
begin and/or ends with good morals

Hero or heroine must acknowledge God or come to know Him or have a life change;
struggles to have or have a relationship with Christ.

Main character should finally overcome; should show good morals, no foul languages or
sexually explicit performances. Decent sexuality

Main character should be strong, kind and masculine. Good moral beliefs. Stand up for
what is right. Not afraid to cry or show emotions. Could be loud, boisterous, funny or soft spoken,
knowing who he is, and not afraid of toughness. A father, son, husband; has a strong side as
well as a gentle side to personality.

Main character should be feminine, passionate.  Soft and kind. Could be a business owner, and/or a mom,
sibling, manager, wife, queen, princess; Funny, Inspiring, resilient, a leader; Not afraid to stand up
for what she believes in and fight back.

Short and to the point.  Fun loving stories. Picture books. Inspirational Series from baby to 6th grade. Moral
and/or Christian based
Show how to change bad spending habits, help families to solve financial problems; financial,
develop own business

Stories from the bible; life changing practices, Inspirational, etc.

Life changing stories that gives hope

Life changing stories

Helpful; educational, encouraging, historical, guidance, God's Word from the Bible

Foundation of proper health practices; preventions; good eating habits; weight loss, exercise, etc.

Inspires, poetry, educate, teach

Keep families together, inspirational, parental guide; relationship information, good family values, etc.

Biblical stories, daily encouragement books, pictures books

Inspirational, encouranging, picture books, Learning books, morally good, fun
Wealth Bluilding





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