Need a Lift?

    When was the last time you took a nice warm
    scented bath, with nice smelling candles and
    soft music?  Never!  Cannot remember!  Well it
    is about time you pamper yourself this holiday
    season, because you are worth it.

    Take time out for you.  Listen to soft relaxing music.  If it is safe where you are, take a good walk and talk to
    God.  At home, do some stretching exercise. Bend over and try to touch your toes, then stay in that position with
    your body hanging over, relax, breath deeply.  Let your arms dangle. Do it more than once. If you are feeling
    down and you need a good cry.  Get a pillow and scream into it. Pound on your bed with your hand, then take
    some deep breaths and relax. Write a note  or letter to the person who hurt you.  That person may not
    necessarily have to see the note or letter.  So, you are free to tell them off in the note or letter.  If you do not
    want him or her to see it, then tear it up or burn it and throw it away.

    Life has its ups and down.  Sometimes the down seem to be around much longer than the ups.  Sometimes
    when it comes, it hits hard. When that happens, it is time to turn all of your troubles over to God.  Why?  Well,
    why are you carrying all the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Jesus said, “Give all your worries and cares
    to God, for he cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7.  God is big enough to handle them.  In fact, He is willing to take
    care of them for you.

He may seem far away, however, He is very near.  He is just a prayer -- thought away.  Talk to Him through your mind
or your mouth.  Call out to Him.  He is listening. Actually, He is waiting to hear from you.  If He did not care about you,
you would not be alive.  He gives you life so you can wake up each day.  He created all.  He will not force you or
anyone to do or say anything.  Ask Him to take you out of any bad situation you find yourself in.

    Do you want joy and peace in your life?  Ask God for peace, joy and happiness.  This
    does not mean you will experience peace, joy and happiness every day for the rest of
    your life.  However, God is able to give you the power to go through the lightning and
    thunders you may face daily.  He will fight your battles. This does not mean you will not
    hear a gun or bomb go off, however, He will protect you from dying or being blown
    apart.  God is mighty to save and protect. We must remember to obey and trust in Him.
    Call and encourage a friend or family member.  Listen to relaxing music or watch a
    happy feel good movie. Read a good book. Do something good for someone.

    God is the most Powerful Being in the universe.  When it comes to taking care of or
    protecting His children, He does not play around.  So, take all of your troubles to Him.  
    Tell Him what is bothering you.  Tell Him what is on your mind. Want to get a very tiny
    slight idea of this powerful being.  

He is brighter than the sun.  According to the first few chapters of Ezekiel, He lives in fire. On a very, very hot day when
the sun is shining brightly, say 130°F, humans can die. Yet, we are millions of miles from the sun.  If fire touches us,
well you know the story. Even with all this power, He takes time out for us.  He loves us so very much.

Is your man or woman causing a racket in your life?  Ask for His Devine intervention. Wow!  He loves to answer our
prayers.  Also, seek seminars that will give your relationships a lift.

He gave us His word via the Bible.  The Bible is God speaking to us.  Isn’t that awesome.  Imagine, the most powerful
Being in the universe, send us a book about Himself.  It has many stories about people and Himself.  God even sent
His only Son to redeem us back to Him through His death, even though we are sinful.  Wow!  That’s love.  He did not
have to do that.  He could have gotten rid of us.  He has the power to do that.  However, He is such a loving Person,
that He chose not to.  He loved us sooooo much, He could not turn His back on us.  

Need a Lift?

    Sing, dance, exercise, go shopping.
       Treat yourself.  You are worth it.

Look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you are one of a kind.  You are the only you.  You are precious.  You
have talents and abilities that God gave to you.  Use these talents and abilities to lift yourself.  Stop saying negative
things to you and others.  Begin to say and put positive words in your brain and mouth.  Change the way you think.

When was the last time you put on some music and sang your self silly, danced and sweat?  Treat youself to
something nice.  Do something nice for a family member, a neighbour, or a friend. Start the business you have been
thinking about for a while.  Think about your plans. Write your plans, and then work your plans. You can do it.  Just try
and do not give up if it seems like it is not working. Find new ways to let it work.  If you cannot think of any ideas try this

Give all your worries to God because He cares about you.  When I felt down for any number of reasons: jobs, spouse,
children, career, diet, friends, family, intimacy, trying and can’t seem to get anywhere, education, beauty, life, hair,
Christmas money, car problems, fear, and many other things that I confronted in life.  I turned to Him when no one else
could help.  He did what He had to do. Sometimes He sent someone to help.  Other times He took care of it Himself.  
You are not alone.  There are millions of others going through tough times, sad times, and they do not know what to
do at times.  He asks us to pray without ceasing.  Pray for others and ourselves.  God will bless you and answer your

When talking to God, ask Him first to forgive you of all your sins plus the persons you are praying for.  Then ask God
to let the Power of the Holy Spirit to rebuke the evil one out of your and their life.  Ask God to surround you with His
spiritual atmosphere of light and peace.  Tell Him what you need, and want and that you would love to see your
prayers answered.  Ask God to teach you how to pray or talk to Him. Then thank Him.

Let me know what the Great Almighty has done for you.

So, take time out of your busy schedule, and give yourself a nice warm scented bath, with nice smelling
candles and soft music.  Invite your spouse to join you, unless of course, you just want to rest and relax. Take
a look at the topic in the newsletter about
vitamins. Sometimes when one feels fatigue, it could be from a lack
of vitamins and nutrients.


Read a book that
bookclub members are
drooling over and
begging for a sequel.
It is
a Powerful love story that
makes readers want to be
the characters.  See how
this mind boggling, life
changing adventure
reaches into your soul, and
evoke your emotions:
laughter, tears, anger and
joy. Feel the excitement
with the turn of every page,
waiting to see what is
next.  Destini’s life is
challenged from the day
she was born, up to when
she met Stephan.  
However, the adventure
spins out of control when
she meets him. There are
true incidents embedded
throughout the book. See
how we all fit into this
journey, because we do.