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Like a Celebrity
and Love it
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Author -  Jo-Val Publishing, LLC
Cycle / Psycho Personality
where he continues to reside.  Acquired a
General Education Diploma at Indiana State
Reformatory (Pendleton Correctional
Facility), then acquired an Associate of Arts
Degree at Ball State University, in Muncie,
Indiana.  After years of encouragement from
S. A. Tinnin-Bey, was born in Indianapolis,
Indiana Personality” was created to
encourage others to live a motivated and a
successful happier life. Tinnin-Bey offers
motivational seminars for youth groups,
churches, correctional centers and many
functions.  For more information, please
contact him at: or
Author, Wright Lewis, was born in
Kingston Jamaica.  She is now a
citizen of the US.  She Queens,
New York. Author then attended
Atlantic Union College in So.
Lancaster, MA.
Joan W. Lewis is an author and
relationship consultant.  She brings
15 years of experience to helping
single women find their true love
and married women maintaining
and having a happy relationships.  
She has authored the book
“Experience Amazing Relationship,”
“How to be Popular Like a Celebrity
and Love it,” and other books.