How to be Popular
Like a Celebrity
and Love it
Create your own
Business & Gain
Financial Freedom
Author, Wright Lewis,
was born in Kingston
Jamaica.  She is now a
citizen of the US.  She
graduated from Forest
Hills High School in
Queens, New York.
Author then attended
Atlantic Union College in
So. Lancaster, MA.
Joan W. Lewis is an
author and
consultant.  She
brings 15 years of
experience to helping
single women find
their true love and
married women
maintaining and
having a happy
relationship.  She has
authored the book
“Secrets of Amazing
Relationship,” “How to
be Popular Like a
Celebrity and Love it,”
and other books.
Joan Cares about the directions in
which the youths heading.  "
How to
Popular..." lead them to love and
care about themselves and others.  It
informs them to push forward and
never give up on their dreams. To
stay in school. Build friendships.

Destini the Chocolate Princess
empowers them to accept their
divine given beauty. Love who they
are and accept others as they are.  
Not to judge others.
Meet the Author
Author -  Jo-Val Publishing, LLC