I'll Be Home for Christmas
Read a book that
bookclub members are
drooling over and
begging for a sequel.
It is
a Powerful love story that
makes readers want to be
the characters.  See how
this mind boggling, life
changing adventure
reaches into your soul, and
evoke your emotions:
laughter, tears, anger and
joy. Feel the excitement
with the turn of every page,
waiting to see what is
next.  Destini’s life is
challenged from the day
she was born, up to when
she met Stephan.  
However, the adventure
spins out of control when
she meets him. There are
true incidents embedded
throughout the book. See
how we all fit into this
journey, because we do.
  The Holiday is that time of year when families want to be
together.  The holiday brings with it a feeling of warmth that
surrounds us and makes our hearts happy. I love the smell of
cake and cookies baking and people helping and looking out for
each other. I also love the Christmas song “I’ll be home for
Christmas.”  However, sometimes circumstances keep families
away or apart during the holiday season.  
Some circumstances
may be caused from disagreements between families, financial
problems, war, not feeling welcome at home, transportation, and
many other factors.  Nevertheless, since we are still alive,
perhaps we can change the situation that causes us be away
from home.  
If you feeling lonely during this holiday season, take time
out and call some friends you have not heard from in
years. You could also plan a Christmas or holiday party
and invite friends and acquaintances. Your invitees
should be agreeable with each other.  You want everyone
to enjoy themselves. Planning and visiting an assisted
living or nursing home will bring cheers to a lonely
person. Call a family member you have not talked to in a
long time. Forgive and forget. But do not visit anyone who
will make you upset. Talk to God if you feel lonely.
Sometimes our pride and stubbornness keeps us apart from each other.  It does not hurt to say “I’m sorry.” Even if the
person or persons do not accept our apologies, we know we did the right thing.  If it takes more than apologizing, then we
must set the record straight and do what is necessary. Say you are waiting for an apology from someone who will not
apologize, tell them that you would like an apology and if they refuse, move on with your life.  Do not let anyone stop your joy,
peace and happiness.  Always remember to be caring and kind to others.
Financial situations are hard at times to combat.  If one is jobless, and cannot find work it is a
struggle just to make ends meet. While you continue to look for a job, seek a
home base business,
file for unemployment, surf the internet for legitimate business, go
back to school to add or improve
your skills. You may also go out of your field temporarily to make ends meet.  In your spare time
write a book and
have it published.  You never know how God will bless your efforts. You have the
ability to move forward and change the circumstances in your life. Get up and stop feeling sorry for
yourself.  When the effort you put out seems to fail, keep on going.  Move into something entirely
new or figure out why it did not work. Set new goals, get in touch with someone in that field and find
out what they did to be successful. If you do not have the financial backing, turn to the Almighty up
above, ask Him for wisdom.  He says in James 1:5 and 6. “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of
God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraideth (reprimand) not; and it shall be given him.” “But
let him ask in faith, nothing wavering.  For he that waves is like a wave of the sea driven with the
wind and tossed.” So ask, believing that he gave you the answer.  Then move with confidence. God
wants to see you succeed.

If you are call away at war, pray and ask God to allow you to spend time with your family for the
holidays.  Then find out from your officer if it is possible for you to go home.  If it does not happen,
ask God to be with your family and to bless you and give you and your fellow officers, peace and
joy.  God is right there with you because He loves you very much.  Christmas reminds of the God of
heaven who became human, born as a baby to eventually die for our sins to redeem us back to
Him.  So, one day all of this pain and sadness will be over. So trust in Him and never give up.
If you are not welcome or feel welcome at home, ask God to work a miracle and change whatever the circumstances that
cause the unwelcome situation. If you are responsible for the situation, do something about it.

If an opportunity opens the door for a new family, embrace them and be thankful for their kindness.  We are creatures of
adaptation, so if we allow ourselves to adapt to our new environment, we can feel welcome with our new family.  But do not
accept anything or anyone that makes you uncomfortable.

No one usually understands other people situation unless they are experiencing the exact same thing.  However, we are all
human and we have similar experiences. So, if you are going through rough times turn to the God of Heaven who completely
understands all of our situations, and who love us even more than any human.  Ask Him to come into your life and deliver
you from hurt and pain.  Ask for His forgiving spirit.  When we forgive, it helps us to move on with our lives and be happy.  It
does not release the wrong done to us.  But it frees us to move on with our lives and be happy.

Anything good or anything wrong done to anyone in this world, must be paid back.  God said in Galatians 6:7, “Be not
deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man/woman does, that shall he/she also reap (secure, gain, obtain). So, one is
sure to be paid back somehow for wrongs or good done.  It pays to be, and do good in this world.

Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, be it good or bad, praise the God of heaven.  Ask Him to deliver you if the
situation is not good, and to bless you if it is good.  Trust in Him this holiday season.  The New Year is coming and this world
will continue to put out bad things until Jesus comes back and stop the sadness.  Those who are obedient will be made

If you are out of transportation or lack basic living, ask of God who gives to all. Also, find out what churches are giving away
food or could help you find a job or give you a car.  Fill out an application for food stamps at the Family Resources Office.
Also, if you need insurance inquire about that also. Try what is available to you until you get back on your feet and can help
yourself.  God loves you and want you to be happy. Ask His blessings for you and your family this holiday season. After all
He created you to be happy and to be blessed.  

I wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous holiday season and for the New Year.  

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays