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Love Yourself, you are worth it. "Destini the
Chocolate Princess"
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Women all over the world want to be like
Destini - the beautiful bombshell, sexy
heroine is intelligent, witty, strong, feminine,
faces, and her life in danger without her
knowledge, she comes forth triumphant.   
What's more, her best friend conspired
against her.

Stephan, the sharp, handsome heartthrob,
the sort of young man women long for, is
courageous and passionate.  He is assailed
by obstacles on all sides, and confronts
them directly.  

Come with us on a journey, through a stirring
Experience tears, laughter, anger and
contentment as you glide through the pages
of "Destini the Chocolate Princess".  It
caresses you warmly, leaves you satisfied,
yet wanting more.
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    How to Be Popular Like a Celebrity and Love it

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    It a book about making friends that last
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Secure a copy of “How to be Popular Like a Celebrity and love it.”  

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Are you popular or unpopular? You may not be as popular as you think? In fact you may be unpopular?  
Find out what makes you popular or unpopular?  
Do you want to be accepted and liked at school, college, church, or work?
Do you want to know how to make friends, keep friends and have people seeking your company?
How to attract the opposite sex?

This book directs
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  • What a young man should do if he want to talk to a beautiful woman?
  • What is so sexy about a young man walking around with his pants one the ground?
  • How to get a man's attention?
  • What a person may be doing that causes people to quickly turn from them
  • How to have lasting friendships
  • Why you may be lonely, unpopular, or invisible, and how to correct these negatives.
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Read a book that bookclub members are drooling over
and begging for a sequel.
It is a Powerful love story about a
beautiful young woman that makes readers want to be the
characters.  See how this mind boggling, life changing
adventure reaches into your soul, and evoke your emotions:
laughter, tears, anger and joy. Feel the excitement with the
turn of every page, waiting to see what is next.  Destini’s life
is challenged from the day she was born, up to when she
met Stephan.  However, the adventure spins out of control
when she meets him. There are true incidents embedded
throughout the book. See how we all fit into this journey,
because we do.

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