How to Be Popular Like a Celebrity and Love it
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ISBN 0-9626832-3-3
Secure a copy of “How to be Popular Like a Celebrity and love it.”  
A powerful intellectual book for teens and young adults.
and Adults also.
This delightful,
easy reading book is filled with  passionate information to challenge the mind.
Are you popular or unpopular? You may not be as popular as you think.
What are Minor Negative Personality Traits?
Do you want to be accepted and liked at school, college, church, or work?
Do you want to know how to make friends, keep friends and have people seeking your company?
How to attract the opposite sex.
This book directs
  • You to choose careers that most people do not think of that will put you in the limelight  
  • What a young man should do if he wants to talk to a beautiful woman?
  • What is sexy about sagging?
  • How to get a man's attention?
  • What a person may be doing that causes people to turn from them
  • How to have lasting friendships
  • Why you may be lonely, unpopular, or invisible, and how to correct these negatives.
Building Friendships That Last
Making Friends and be Popular
Gain confidence
How to be Popular -  Jo-Val Publishing, LLC
Be Popular - Make Friends
This book talks to kids, teens and young adults; how to make friends;
to build lasting friendships; how to conduct themselves wherever they
are; to build self-esteem and confidence; to love who they are; to stay
in school and to respect others. Adults can benefit from it also.

It addresses the real issues regarding attitudes, rudeness and
personalities that plague our society as a nation, for both youth and
adults; in the church and out. It teaches what encouragement is all
about. What does sagging have to do with modern society.

One teen stated: "Wow! This book taught me some good stuff. I
learned a lot of good things I did not even know. It caught my
attention more than other books I have read. Thanks for taking
the time to write this. I told my friends about it and they want
one too."

A book for all ages!
However, it was written with kids, teens and young adults in mind.
Be the most popular in school, on campus or at work be confident,  
learn how to build lasting friendships.

You are unknown today, and in a few days or weeks you become one
of the most popular person in school, on campus, at work.  How
would you handle it?
    Author, Wright Lewis, was born in Kingston
    Jamaica.  She is now a citizen of the US.  
    She graduated from Forest Hills High
    School in Queens, New York.  Author then
    attended Atlantic Union College in So.
    Lancaster, MA.

    Joan W. Lewis is an author and relationship
    consultant.  She brings 15 years of
    experience to helping single women find
    their true love and married women
    maintaining and having a happy
    relationships.  (semiars,  “Secrets of  
    Amazing Relationship,”)  Has authored “How
    to be Popular Like a Celebrity and Love it,”
    and other books.
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