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Destini the Chocolate Princess helps us to move forward when we hit a road block in our lives.

Once in a while we stumble because of know or unknown reasons.  Sometimes it knocks us completely off
the Chocolate
Princess gives us insight that empowers us to move forward. A few readers said "It radiates a warm
feeling inside me like no other book has done before."  One reader said, "It inspired me to move forward and begin
a new venture."

Destini ran into many road blocks, even as a child.  She overcame much of them through the power of God, family
and friends.  Because of her faith and love, we learn what it means to forgive.  Forgiveness is one of the hardest
thing to do when others hurt us.

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Consider this; you are bombarded on all sides to hate yourself.  You are constantly
told that you are ugly, stupid, no good, treated invisible and laughed at. See how this
smart heroine overcame extraordinary and unforgettable moments to soar like an
eagle. Allow
Destini the Chocolate Princess, to take you into an exciting world.  
Experience how you could utilize her life story to destroy the shackles that hold you
down from moving forward.  It’s guaranteed to keep you turning the pages and
wanting more.
Readers are claiming it is very enjoyable, emotional and entertaining to read. They
could not put it down.
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Joan Wright Lewis
Come with us on a journey, through a stirring adventure; experience laughter, tears, anger and
contentment through, the pages of "
Destini the Chocolate Princess."  It caresses you warmly,
leaves you satisfied yet, wanting more.
What happened to the little boy she saw lying in the snow?  How
did he get there?
She struggled through the snow and saw him lying in the snow, as if dead. He seemed icy cold. She fell
to her knees.  “Oh goodness. Please don’t be dead, please."  
What if
  • you are constantly told you
    are ugly because of the way
    you were born?  See how
    Destini work it all out to
    become a gril sort after.  See
    how she surprise all who
    thought she would not make it.

Take a peek inside:
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Here's what some customers have told us:

Woman’s Radio
    Joan, I cannot get anything else done because I am so fascinated by Destini the Chocolate
    Princess!!!!  Chocolate Princess is just phenomenal!!  I told my boys about it and now they want
    to read it.  It is a great read…  I read 130 pages on last night alone!!!!  I was reading until 3:30
    this morning!!!  

    Reviewed by Zudia Williams
    I love this book! I could not put it down until I read the last page. I wanted to know what would
    happen next and I was not disappointed.  I could identify with some of the events in it. Reading
    this book gave me courage to face tomorrow. I would recommend Destini the Chocolate

    Reviewed by Susan E. Hoover
    “Destini the Chocolate Princess” transcends all race and color.  It teaches us that beauty means
    many things.  From heartache to triumph the story reiterates that although we do not look alike,
    we all have the same wants and needs.  This book touches all of your senses, but especially
    your heart.  The story forces you to ponder whether people can dislike themselves so much that
    they can be so wicked to others, and asks the question “Can God change a hardened heart
    through the kind loving spirit of another?”  You probably will have more compassion for others
    after reading this book.  I know that I do!

    Reviewed by Pauline Evans
    Inspiring! The book Destini the Chocolate Princess is one that touches the core of one's soul. It
    exhibits an awareness of life's inevitable challenges (socio-cultural biases, human insensitivity
    and cruelty)but exults in the triumph of abiding faith and love.  One cannot read this book
    without becoming emotionally involved: You cry, you sigh, you laugh. It is a book that empowers
    you to go forward. You will not put this book down until you've read every word. Anyone and
    everyone will benefit from reading Destini the Chocolate Princess. You'll love it!

    Reviewed by Renee J.
    This is a very poignant and riveting book. Destini the Chocolate Princess evokes emotion and
    keeps you turning the page to the very end. It appeals to and stirs up one's pure conscience.
    This novel is definitely thought-provoking and falls into the category of 'must read.'

    Reviewed by Valerie W.
    This is a heartwarming story that touched my heart. My friends that read Destini the Chocolate
    Princess said they could not put it down. It had them staying up at nights wanting to find out
    what happened next. I love the heroine in the story, she is strong and loving. The book is
    romantic and sexy.
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".... It
radiates a
warm feeling
inside me
like no other
book has
done before."
Destini the Chocolate Princess
by Joan Wright Lewis

Destini the Chocolate Princess is an amazing life changing story about an innocent child who
was treated unfairly in her first moments born into the world. This was demonstrated by her very
own mother.  

Her mother Mary, was very disappointed by the appearance of her first child.  She vented the
undesirable in her heart, and changed the name of the baby to Destini,  from previous name

As Destini grew older, she was TAUNTED AND TEASED by her peers.  Even adults told her to
her face that she was ugly because of her skin, hair, weight and lips.

She finally met a handsome young man, Stephan Barronton, who found her beautiful.  He fell in
love with her.  However, his family, mainly his mother, Sophia, hated her because of her

This caused much trouble for Destini, being African American.  Sophia did everything in her
powers to keep them apart.  Even to the point of putting Destini’s life in danger.  Read what
Destini's West Indian family taught her.  Okay, here is a twist, West Indian family? She is African

See how the drama work its way out.

Women all over the world want to be like Destini - the beautiful, sexy heroine is intelligent, witty,
strong, feminine, and caring.  See how she handles evil challenges and comes out shining.
Though her best friend schemed against her and her life falls into danger without her knowledge,
she comes forth triumphant . .  or does she?  How does she handle the death of those closes to

Stephan, the sharp, handsome heartthrob, the sort of young man women long for, is courageous,
masculine, and passionate.  He is assailed by obstacles on all sides, and confronts them directly.  

Come with us on a journey, through a stirring adventure.
Experience tears, laughter, anger and contentment as you glide through the pages of "Destini the
Chocolate Princess".  It caresses you warmly, leaves you satisfied, yet wanting more.
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"Joan, I cannot get anything else done because I am so fascinated by Destini the  
Chocolate Princess!!!!  Destini the Chocolate Princess is just phenomenal!!    I told
my boys about it and now they want to read it.  It is a great read…  I read 130 pages last
night alone!!!!  I was reading until 3:30 this morning!!! ..... I am sooooo tired!!!!"
Yolanda McIntosh, President/Founder/CEO, McIntosh Mo2Vations, McM,
A most Powerful read you will experience