Continued Dilemma - the fight

Chapter 11

Three weeks later, on a windy, rainy day, Destini walked to school all alone.  Yasmin had to go
somewhere with her mother and Destini felt lonely. She said her morning prayers as usual and went
on her way. School wasn’t as exciting without Yasmin, especially since the day was gray and rainy.
After school, Destini decided to ride home on the school bus instead of walking home alone. The
bus passed near the road she lived. It was her first time on the school bus and she did not know
what to expect.

As she boarded the bus, it seemed as if everyone was staring at her. “Oh my goodness,” she
thought, “why are they staring?” Destini looked around for a seat. All of the front seats were taken
so she ventured toward the back. Destini thought, “Why on earth am I taking the bus since I have
never taken it before? Wonder if I should get off and walk home, but it’s so cold.” She finally found
two vacant seats and sat in one. A few seconds later, a tall dark-skinned girl came and demanded
that Destini get up out of her seat. Destini’s heart pounded as she moved over into the next seat
and looked out of the window. The girl still demanded that she get up. Destini looked around to see
if there were other seats available, but she didn’t see any. She looked to see if someone was with
the girl, but she was by herself.
“There are two seats here, why can’t you sit in one and I sit in the other?” Destini asked.
“Because,” the girl said loudly, “I don’t wan’ no ugly, black-looking beast sittin’ next tuh me.” Some
of the kids laughed loudly while others stared at Destini. Destini refused to move, so the girl sat
next to her and started to push her against the window of the bus. Destini felt as if her ribs were
closing in. She told the girl to stop. Nevertheless, she laughed and continued pushing her, so
Destini gave the girl a big push with her elbow. The girl flew off the seat and fell on to the floor. She
got back up with a fury and punched Destini right in her face.