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Chapter 1
Lovely Baby

In the blackness of a cool spring night, a beautiful baby girl secured from her mother’s womb, pressed forward into the unknown. Her precious little head
appeared from its hiding place. She looked around and screamed with fright. She seemed to say desperately, “Where am I? It’s too bright out here and my
face is very cold.” A nurse held the mother’s hand as she pushed exhaustedly. The mid-wife helped guide the little body out from the warmth and security of
her first home to begin her new journey. The baby girl trembled in the apparent cold, and her little voice quivered with fear. The shrilled sound of her cry
rang through the stillness. Her mother, Mary, a gorgeous golden-brown woman having just travailed in pain, softly muttered in her Texan accent,
“Is it a boy, or girl?”
“A lovely baby girl,” said the attending nurse, warmly. The new mother smiled wearily. Her rich auburn hair was tousled in all directions on her crisp, white
pillow. “Has the doctor arrived yet?” she muttered again.
“Not yet dear,” answered the nurse. Jeff Pearson, her tall, dark, and startlingly handsome husband rushed into their bedroom. He was by the door when he
heard the wholesome cry of his newborn child. His tall stature made Mary feel protected as she laid on the king sized poster bed. After checking the vital
signs of the baby, the mid-wife smiled pleasantly, congratulated the couple and left the room.
“Babe, are you all right? Is it a boy?”
“No, Mr. Pearson,” said the nurse, “she is a lovely baby girl.” He calmed down and the bubbling excitement he had disappeared.
“Oh, a girl,” he said somberly. “Well, as long as Papa’s little girl is healthy,” he continued in his deep baritone voice. Mary looked sleepily at her husband,
with suspicion.    
“What ‘a ya mean, ‘Oh, a girl’?” She repeated his somber tone wearily. “I thought you’d said it didn’t matter.” Jeff shrugged his shoulder as he looked over
to get a glimpse of his brand new little darling. “Nothing,” he answered.
“Nothing?” she insisted.
“Mary,” Jeff began, looking lovingly at her, “you knew I preferred a boy. But as long as she is healthy, that’s all I care about.” Mary looked at the nurse
and yawned, tapping her mouth lightly.
“When you finish cleaning her up, please bring her so I can see my darling baby.” The nurse brought the baby to Mary. Jeff smiled lovingly admiring his little
girl. Mary stared for a moment, then with displeasure-complained, “Is that my baby? Goodness, she’s so dark and ugly.” The words evoked a sudden
anger in the nurse.
“Ma’am,” she said sharply, “you should thank God that you have a beautiful and healthy baby.” The nurse realizing her tone said calmly, “If you need me, I
will be outside.” Mary stared at her baby with disbelief.
“My first child and she’s so dark,” she thought. Mary looked at the top of the baby’s ears. “She’s gonna get even darker as she gets older. Couldn’t
she be lighter? If she were a boy, it wouldn’t be so bad. But, she’s a girl. God, why?”
She looked up at the ceiling and paused for a while. She then
stared at her baby. Jeff was happy to see his little girl.
“She’s lovely.” He said still admiring her. His wife rolled her eyes with a sad expression.
“Well little girl,” she said to herself, “the name I had chosen for you won’t fit you. I’ll give you a name that complements you perfectly. It means luck or
blessing; you’re gonna need it. Jeff,” she said aloud, “what ‘a ya think of the name Destini?” Jeff responded, choking back tears, “The name is beautiful, just
as my little princess is beautiful.”
Destini the Chocolate Princess
JV Lewis
.......she was wearing a gorgeous button down champagne colored dress that accentuated her long elegant
legs as she strode gracefully towards him. It seemed as if everything disappeared around him as this
charming new beauty entered his world. Her smooth and shiny hair, pulled back in a bun, emphasized her
sparkling sunlit brown eyes. He stared at her in awe. He wanted to meet this lovely, rare beauty that
appeared into his world and captured his heart. He accidentally bumped into her, hoping very much to get
her attention. She lowered her head and then looked up at him shyly. Her gracious wide smile and
enchanting, sexy brown eyes entangled his heart even more.
She finally stopped crying. “I sat here looking in the mirror,” she said softly, “thinking desperately how to
change my total appearance and I came up with nothing. The more I thought about it, the more I became
angry. Oh Mom,” she shouted in despair as tears rolled down her face, “I just want to die. I thought about
killing myself because I just couldn’t handle the way I was feeling. My heart aches, my stomach hurts, my
eyes are itching, and I feel ugly.”The aching pressure of her soul caused her upper body to collapse on her
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Readers Reviews

"Joan, I cannot get anything else done because I am so
fascinated by
Destini the  Chocolate Princess!!!!  
Destini the Chocolate Princess is just phenomenal!!  I
told my boys about it and now they want to read it.  It is a
great read…  I read 130 pages last night alone!!!!  I was
reading until 3:30 this morning!!!   …. I am sooooo
Yolanda McIntosh, President/Founder/CEO, McIntosh
Mo2Vations, McM,
Saint Paul, MN

Hey Joan, just wanted to let you know that my daughter is
reading your book and it made her cry...she's going to call
you to thank you for writing it....AND I THANK YOU.
Tonda Clairmont, IN

"Inspiring! The book Destini the Chocolate Princess is
one that touches the core of one's soul. It exhibits an
awareness of life's inevitable challenges (socio-cultural
biases, human insensitivity and cruelty)but exults in the
triumph of abiding faith and love.  One cannot read this
book without becoming emotionally involved: You cry, you
sigh, you laugh. It is a book that empowers you to go
forward. You will not put this book down until you've read
every word. Anyone and everyone will benefit from reading
Chocolate Princess. You'll love it!"
Pauline Evans, Teacher, New York, NY

"I love this book! I could not put it down until I read the
last page. I wanted to know what would happen next and I
was not disappointed.  
Destini the Chocolate Princess is
a very interesting book. I could identify with some of the
events in it. Reading this book gave me courage to face
tomorrow. I would recommend Chocolate Princess to any
young person, although, adults will love it too!"
Zudia Williams, New York, NY

"This book has a positive message that will touch many
lives. It teaches me as a teenager that despite the obstacles
that I may face, I can overcome. I have read this
inspirational book five times because it has a catching effect
and it held me. With every page comes a surprise, and with
every chapter comes a new beginning. I would recommend
this book to everyone, from the young to the old. This
book is so gripping that it will keep you wishing for more."
Nastassja L. Indianapolis, IN
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