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Cycle / Psycho Personality
Jo-Val Publishing, LLC
Packed between the covers of this book is a powerful, raw and true
story about a boy born into a large, low-income family; who dropped
out  of school and entered a thug life on the streets, and became
addicted to illicit drugs.  

He was institutionalized for crimes and deviancy most of his juvenile
and young adult years.   

At a very dismal point in his life, he encountered a spiritual phenomenon
that enlightened him. Thus, he acquired the power he needed to conquer
his delinquencies, and his life was forever changed.

Tinnin-Bey ultimately created a public speech in 2001,
that covers an abundance of simple solutions to our
personal ills, found right inside our self, without the aid of
pharmaceuticals and the cost of behavioral professionals.

Countless youths and adults in correctional facilities, educational and
therapeutic programs have benefited from this presentation.  Tinnin-Bey
decided to put it in this book to share these personal cures with a
universal audience.
Cycle / Psycho Personality
•  Real-life success story to inspire and encourage you

•  Help kids stay out of jail

•  Powerful reinforcement that redirect youths and young adults heading
down the wrong path

•  A wealth of effective life-changing direction

•  Step by step enlightenment to motivate and educate
Keep youth out of Jail
Keep young people out of Jail.  Read a powerful real life story about the author.
Invite the author to
speak at your
functions, to adults
and youth groups, to
keep them out of
trouble and stay on a
straight path.

reinforcement for kids,
youth and young