Alexia's Search and Find
                                          Christmas and Holiday Game

Search and Find

Pieces of paper to write riddles
Pen or pencil to write riddles
Special gift
A spot to hide gift
Area where each riddle will be placed

Here is a holiday tradition we have adopted in our family each year.  Our family loves it and they look forward for it each
year.  This fantastic game was sent out last year, and adults said they did this for adults as well as children.  So, plan a
head and enjoy.

Choose a special gift and put it away.   

The child or adult should have no idea they are getting one more gift until the game begins.  It could be a gift they want
very much. (dolls, books, laptop, ipad, gift card, coat, a note that states a large gift such as (car, house, sofa TV), etc.

First, hide the special gift in a place where it is not hard to find.(choose a spot night before or in the morning)  
Next, write three to five riddles and place each riddle in an easy place to find.  Each riddle should lead to the
next riddle.  (This can be a little confusing, however, take your time and have fun).  Place each riddle in a place
where they have to look for it.  Once they find the riddle, it should tell them where to find the next riddle. If you
need to write the person's name on the piece of paper (you may have more than one person looking for their
gifts), then please write his/her name. To plan your map, you may need to track where the gift will be hidden, to
where the last riddle will be found before the gift is found.  This can be tricky. You will see what I mean when you

Example ~~

1st riddle should be handed to each person searching for his or her special gift. It could read like this:  "When I look
through the window the road passes by." Which means, riddle # 2, could be on the window ledge, or attached to the
curtain or on the floor right by the window, in a front room, living or dining room, or where you can look out and see a
road.  To be exact a window that faces the road.  Once they find it, they move on to the next riddle. The 2nd riddle may
read like this:

2nd riddle:  "When climbing the stairs, I see the computer desk where it belongs."  This could mean, you put the next or
3rd riddle up stairs on the computer desk.  Once they find it, the gift could be on the computer desk or yet, another riddle
that leads them to a bedroom or the kitchen or even outside if it is a car.  If the gift is not there, then they continue to
where the 3rd riddle leads.

3rd riddle:  Could read like this: "Mom and dad sleep in bed so fine."  This could mean it is in the parents’ bedroom under
the bed or on top of bed on under a pillow.  Do not make it too hard unless you have an exceptional smart individual.  The
gift could be somewhere near or on the bed or if you want the game to be longer have yet another riddle.  

Usually the 3rd or 4th riddle is enough.  If the child is very young, help him/her to find it.  If you have more than one child,
you may do different routes for each child.  We usually give each child his or her own route.  The older ones usually find
their gift first and help the younger ones.  They have so much fun doing this, so that they remind me every year to play
their favorite game.  The best part is the suspense of looking for their gift and the look on their faces when they see the
gift that they wanted.  It’s worth every moment.  The gift does not have to be the gift they really wanted because
sometimes kid do not realize how expensive things cost.  Have fun.

Read a book that
bookclub members are
drooling over and
begging for a sequel.
It is
a Powerful love story that
makes readers want to be
the characters.  See how
this mind boggling, life
changing adventure
reaches into your soul, and
evoke your emotions:
laughter, tears, anger and
joy. Feel the excitement
with the turn of every page,
waiting to see what is
next.  Destini’s life is
challenged from the day
she was born, up to when
she met Stephan.  
However, the adventure
spins out of control when
she meets him. There are
true incidents embedded
throughout the book. See
how we all fit into this
journey, because we do.