“Are you being judged or bullied because of your appearance or intelligence?”  

    We are judged by our appearance and beliefs daily.  Two shows I remembered watching a few years ago: The Swan and Extreme
    Makeover, were popular.  People are willing to have surgery and suffer pain to be beautiful.  Amazingly, I loved these shows, and I
    was excited for these people.  So, what is the problem?

    Many people try to live up to the standard of beauty, portrayed by the beauty industries, by Social Media, by friends and family.  Those
    who do not, are at times teased, or ignored.  An applicant for a job may be overlooked purely on looks, or beliefs, even though they are
    qualified for the job.  I myself have ignored others based on looks but after getting to know the person, I realized I was wrong.

    Children are bullied every day in schools.  Some have no one to defend or help them.  It would be great if we make it our duty as
    adults and parents to see that this is stopped.

    I heard about two teenagers this year alone, who committed suicide because they were bullied.  They only wanted to fit in, to be
    considered cool or nice looking as the other kids.  These were two beautiful lives that were wasted. Parents, we must pay attention and
    listen to our children.

    Destini the Chocolate Princess reveals the suffering that a girl named Destini experienced.  She was bullied in school and told
    repeatedly she was ugly.  She wanted to kill those who were making her feel ugly and she wanted to commit suicide.  See how the
    love, attention and wisdom of her adoptive parents and Stephan saved her life.

    Please get a copy of this book and encourage others to get one. You can use it as a fund raiser also. Some teens or adults may be hurting
    and need to love themselves.  They may have a family member who is hurting.   Susan Hoover, a school teacher in Avon, IN wrote,
    “Destini the Chocolate Princess” transcends all race and color.  It teaches us that beauty means many things.  From heartache to
    triumph the story reiterates that although we do not look alike, we all have the same wants and needs.”  Add to Cart

    I once knew a teen, who committed suicide, he thought he was ugly, yet he was handsome.  Tears fill my eyes just thinking about it.  
    Maybe there was something I could have done or said to give him a reason to live, but, I did not know his pain at the time.  If only he
    realized how awesome he was.  If only he had an outlet or he knew someone who really cared.  

    There are people hurting now, who need encouragement.  My book “Destini the Chocolate Princess,” encourages young and old to
    accept themselves.  A reader said she thought she was the only one who experienced Destini’s story.  I told her I wrote it to let people
    know they are not alone.  A young lady said she identified with the character; it helped her realize how awesome she is.  An adult said
    this book helped her from day to day.  Feelings of ugliness, rejection, low elf-esteem and unhappiness can be triggered when children
    are teased, bullied or not accepted.  Bullying not only happens in schools, but, in churches and the work place.  This can lead to certain
    disorders, school shootings or even suicide; and these feelings seem to gets worst in the teens.  These symptoms could disappear, if a
    caring mentor is at their side.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    If I Only Knew Someone Cared I Would Not Have Taken my Life

      Read a book that made a big difference in the lives of others!  
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If I Only Knew Someone Cared I Would Not Have Taken my Life